Phỏng vấn tiếng Anh


This is how “phỏng vấn tiếng Anh” looks like in some pure Vietnamese companies. True story. Or maybe not. Whatever. Just enjoy it.

Initial interview.

– Hi, please introduce yourself.

– I’m Tuki. I’ve just graduated from ……. My major is Business Administration. I’ve been working as a chess coach for three years. I’ve been trying to start up my own business several times but haven’t succeeded yet.

– So what’s your major?

– My major is Business Administration.

– What’s your working experience inside and outside school?

– I was a member of the committee of the university Youth Union. I’ve been teaching chess part-timely for three years.

– Hả?

– Chess coach, you know chess?

– Hả?

– You know, you usually see people playing this, moving pieces around like this? (demonstrating on the table)

– …

– Never mind, I’ve been working for three years.

– Cảm ơn em, anh chỉ muốn kiểm tra khả năng tiếng Anh của em thôi. Giờ mình nói tiếng Việt nhé. Chuyên ngành của em là gì?



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